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Top of the Line Portable Money Counters - You can't afford to go without one!

bullet5.gif (101 bytes)Conveniently compact and light

bullet5.gif (101 bytes)Makes counting simple

bullet5.gif (101 bytes)Counts cash, checks, coupons and
other documents

bullet5.gif (101 bytes)Reduces chance of human error

bullet5.gif (101 bytes)Triple counterfeit detection system *DC26P only

bullet5.gif (101 bytes)Ultraviolet,
Watermark and Magnetic Ink Verification *DC26P only

DC23P is the only battery operated portable bill counter in
the market, plus uses AC Power as well. Your choice!

This money counterís patented technology allows for
completely mobile counts and additions. Counting 600 bills per
minute, it makes counting simple.

Conveniently compact and light, this unit comes with its own
carrying case allowing you to count cash, checks, coupons and
other documents anywhere you go. Great for small counts!

Saves time and labor costs
Reduces losses due to human error
Easy to use
Counts 600 bills/minute
Versatile: 110-220V - 50/60Hz AC/DC adapter and or

Battery operated using-(4 "AA" batteries not included)
Counting cover & carrying pouch
Compact and stylish

One-year warranty. See Price Sheet



DC26P - This money counter counts and adds at a speed of 600
bills per minute and includes an adjacent counterfeit console
with a triple counterfeit detection system for ultraviolet,
watermark and magnetic ink verification. Ideal for protecting
your business against counterfeit losses. Uses only AC Power!

Saves time and labor costs
Reduces losses due to human error
Counts 600 bills/minute
Multiple counterfeit detection systems (MG / UV / WM)
Quick and easy to use
110-220V - 50/60Hz AC/DC adapter
Compact and stylish
One-year warranty -See Price Sheet


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