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Pre-owned and Refurbished Retail Security Systems, Tags, Labels, Magnetic Tag Deactivators, Power Detachers, and Deactivation Pads for Less. Save on pre-owned professionally refurbished Checkpoint and Sensormatic security pedestals . Plus find a large assortment of Magnetic Detachers, Power Detachers and Manual Hand-held Tag Detachers. Save on RF and AM Label Deactivation Pads for  58Khz AM Labels.  Large assortment of new and pre-owned Security Tags, New and pre-owned Security Gate Systems and all accessories for most anti-theft and loss prevention concerns.


Magnetic Tag Detachers

Many styles are available. (See our Universal Tag Detacher) which will release any tag that uses a magnetic release.

Used to remove hard tags, ink tags and pins.

Compatible with most brands of magnetic release hard tags, ink tags, and clutch locks.

RF Deactivator New and Refurbished

Permanently deactivates all 8.2 MHz EAS label tags.

Proximity deactivation - no physical contact required.

No adverse effects on Credit Cards, ATM card.


Can be used with hard tags to protect items with closed loop openings

Labels/ also see Hard Clothing Tags

Available in a variety of sizes and print styles. Designed to alarm if concealed against the body or hidden from view.  Labels requires a Deactivation Pad to disarm or render the label inactive. Before tagging your merchandise, tag only a few items and make sure that your system alarms properly and that the tag is properly placed in an appropriate location on your product. Once you have established that everything is working properly you should then tag all similar merchandise the same way. Note: These tags are designed for placement on any non-metallic surfaces. System sensitivity may vary from location to location.

Sold in Rolls of 2000 labels
Adhesive Labels Sizes: 1.5" x 1.5" and 2.0" x 2.0" frequencies of tags may vary so please check your system frequency before ordering.

Call for price. Volume Discounts are available!

Save on new and refurbished Systems and Accessories!

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