Garrett Models include Garrett CS5000 - Single zone detector PD6500i - is a popular selling multi-zone security detector- MS3500 - which is designed for use in jails, prisons and other high security facilities  MT5500 -provides maximum throughput with unparalleled multi-dimensional scanning

Walk Through Detectors Security Garrett Security

Garrett PD6500i Multi-Zone Walk-through Security Detectors and other popular Garrett Walk-Through Security Detectors

Ideal for Weapons Search -Click Here



Hospital Asset Tracking


Medical Instrument Detector for cost effective detection and retrieval of surgical diagnostic instruments lost in waste bags, linens

Mediscan Medical Instrument Detector- Medical Instrument Detector will detect lost or stolen medical instruments in hospital ER Trash Bags and hospital operating rooms, at dental offices, and doctors offices



Hand Held Metal Detectors

  801hhs.jpg (3769 bytes)

-Ideal for weapons screening at security checkpoints bars schools colleges


The Ultimate Hand Wand Metal Detector

Hand Wand Type Security Metal Detector - Powerful metallic detection with the latest Handheld Security Technology  Wand Detectors offer many hours of comfort use -Ideal users include airports, night clubs, schools, public events, government facilities

Offers State of the Art Technology - designed to withstand hard surface drops without damaging  the unit.


Wall Mounted Kiosks for Web browsing and for generating income in high traffic areas like malls or perhaps your place of business

kiosk3s.jpg (4645 bytes)


BOSS Body Orifice Security Scanners

B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Security Scanners used by jails and Department of Corrections and other high security facilities


Sensormatic® ProMax® single and dual antenna refurbished retail loss prevention systems

Promax® System Refurbished Sensormatic ProMax Line of Retail Security System and Accessories ● Clothing Tags and DR Labels  

Refurbished Sensormatic Stand-alone Retail Security Systems

  Standalone 2-pedestal system plus New and Refurbished Retail Store Security Alarm Systems




X-Ray Scanners

  X-Ray Imaging Scanners used for non-destructive testing and contraband detection

-For Mail Small or Large Parcels and Baggage

Available in  single and dual energy compact and full size conveyorized X-ray imaging system. Land Line Emergency


Phone Dialer - Calls you when there is an alarm

 dials.gif (2527 bytes)

Cell Phone Dialer -for immediate phone notification to a cell or pager. Immediate direct  notification in most emergency alarms situations. 

Cell Phone Dialer in outdoor NEMA enclosure (many configurations to choose from)

Outdoor Cell Phone Dialer Package

Designed for immediate phone notification in most emergency alarm conditions of your choosing. delivers customized recorded messages up to eight different phones


Emergency Cell Phone Dialer provides immediate phone notification in many alarms Conditions with no monitoring fees


 Emergency Phone Dialers and Cell Phone Dialers used for immediate emergency phone notification when away from home or office - Phone Dialer will call you immediately on a  landline or cell phone with no monthly Monitoring Fees



High Volume Random Search Screening Tool and portable Tool provides screener with A totally unbiased selection method for selecting people to screening at most  security checkpoints

Portable Battery Powered Search Screening Tool  provides screeners with a legal and safe way to screen people at any security checkpoint,  and provides for a Non-Discriminatory and totally unbiased search selection method

 Will  eliminates bottlenecks and delays. Also see Portable Battery Powered Search Tool (above Left)


Desktop and Portable Explosive Particle Trace Detectors used by Airport Security

Explosive Detectors for particle trace detection of over 40 known explosive materials - used by the military, business, and corporate mailrooms worldwide

Mini-Explosive Detection System


Affordable Refurbished Security Tag System | ideal for most single aisle doorway exits - more information

security tag system

Double Doorway Wide-Aisle Loss Prevention System

New and Refurbished Retail Store Security Alarm Systems - Two-Panel Dual-Aisle 58 Khz Wide Aisle Loss Prevention System

Complete  packages are available



Portable Commercial Grade Money Counters

 Portable and Commercial Grade Money Counters

-used by banks and other businesses for fast efficient money management. For Professional Money Management


Coin /Currency Counters and Sorters


Mail-Room Explosive Detectors - Also see explosive detectors

10ks.jpg (3933 bytes)


Counterfeit Currency Detectors

 Counterfeit Money Detectors for efficient and affordable money  management


New RF System  Blow-Out

                    Click here to go to new RF Equipment               


Professionally refurbished Sensormatic Ultra-Post

For Wide Aisle Retail Anti-Theft Security System

  ultrap1s.jpg (3552 bytes) 


Retail Security Hard Tags - Labels -Accessories

 Retail Security Tags, RF Labels  and AM DR Labels and many Accessories for Retail Inventory Store Surveillance

-For most name brand systems


18-Zone Walk-Through Security Metal Detector 

- The ideal Solution for Locating Illegal Contraband. Used by Schools Courthouses Airports

Call Towers -Mass Notification System -Various models available

Blue Light Emergency Phones offer protection in parking lots on university campuses, airport parking, amusement parks

blue light emergency phones

Telephone Entry

telephone entry system

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